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Health Benefits

What is a healthcare benefit allowance?

An overview of healthcare benefit allowances. HRAs, stipends, and defined contribution health benefits are types of healthcare benefit allowances.


How to use group health insurance with an HRA

Find out how employers can offer both group health insurance and an HRA together to give their employees even more ways to access affordable care.

Affordable Care Act

What is an association health plan (AHP)?

In this blog, we’ll explore what association health plans mean, how they differ from group plans, and what other options you have as a small business.

Health Benefits

What are ancillary benefits?

These secondary benefits, known as ancillary benefits, can be paired with group health insurance to provide your employees with additional benefits.


What is an individual coverage HRA (ICHRA)?

An individual coverage HRA (ICHRA) integrates with individual health policies. Learn how an ICHRA works and how to set one up for your organization.

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