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As a local broker, you need every advantage to maintain strong client relationships and grow your business By working with PeopleKeep, you can transform the way you work with clients by enabling them to offer affordable health benefits tailored to their unique needs.

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Why partner with PeopleKeep?

Your clients rely on your expertise to find creative solutions to their unique needs. This is especially true if they struggle to provide a health benefit due to the high cost or complexity of traditional options.

By partnering with PeopleKeep, you can unlock access to a modern health benefits solution many other brokers aren’t aware of. We’ll help you become an expert in health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) so you can help your clients provide health benefits their employees love.

As a partner, you can:

Save clients

Save your clients

Help your clients who aren’t a good fit for group health insurance control their budgets with no minimum participation requirements.

Earn commissions money

Earn commissions

When you sign your clients up for PeopleKeep, you’ll earn commissions from us. Plus, you can continue to sell individual health and ancillary policies.

Agent of record

Retain AoR

You can continue to support your clients’ employees as the agent of record when they enroll in a policy. We list you as the preferred broker on their dashboards.


Get dedicated support

We’ll provide educational resources, customer support, and more to help you better care for your clients and understand HRAs.

As the leader in cloud-based HRA administration solutions, we’re here to help you support your clients in selecting a health benefit that works for their unique needs and budget. Our platform makes it easy to offer an affordable benefit that reflects an employer’s values while eliminating administrative headaches.


Why should insurance brokers consider HRAs for their clients?

By integrating HRAs into your playbook, you can set your clients up with a flexible, cost-effective health benefit that solves their unique challenges.

Traditional benefits don’t work for every organization. For your smallest clients, a group plan may be out of reach financially. Or your clients may not meet the minimum participation requirements of group health plans. An HRA offers a game-changing solution in the face of these challenges.

By offering this modern, defined contribution health benefit, you not only expand your service offerings but also gain a competitive edge by introducing an innovative solution that many of your peers may overlook.

“Having PeopleKeep as a partner is a valuable addition to my business. Even if I didn’t receive a commission, I would still sell PeopleKeep’s HRA for free because it gives my clients more flexibility and saves them thousands of dollars each year.”

What is PeopleKeep?

PeopleKeep, powered by Remodel Health, is your partner in offering HRA administration software. Our mission is to make personalized health benefits administration accessible for small and midsize businesses so they can better care for their people. We believe every employee deserves access to health benefits that support their unique needs, and we’re here to make it easy for you to offer those benefits to your clients.

Since starting as Zane Benefits in 2006, we’ve helped thousands of organizations administer their benefits.


How does PeopleKeep work for your clients?

Whether your clients are looking to offer their very first health benefit or they’re looking to switch from a traditional group policy to an easier, more affordable option, we can help.


Qualified small employer HRA

A powerful alternative to group health insurance made specifically for small employers.



Individual coverage HRA

A health benefit that enables employers to cover the individual insurance plans their employees choose.



Group coverage


A health benefit that employers can use to help employees with their out-of-pocket expenses.


Health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs)

Much like the switch from pension plans to managed individual retirement accounts and 401(k)s, many small employers are switching from group health plans to individualized HRAs.

An HRA is an IRS-approved health benefit that enables employers to reimburse their employees tax-free for qualifying medical expenses such as health insurance premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses. Employers set a monthly allowance for their employees to use and approve their eligible expenses for reimbursement.

Employers can leverage two types of HRAs as alternatives to traditional group health insurance. The qualified small employer HRA (QSEHRA) is specifically designed for small organizations with fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) that don’t offer a group plan, while an individual coverage HRA (ICHRA) is an excellent option for employers of all sizes.

Your clients that offer a group plan can pair it with a group coverage HRA (GCHRA) to supplement their employees’ health benefits and cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Complete cost control

Your clients can set a budget that works for their team and avoid unexpected rate hikes.

No minimum size requirements

Unlike many group carriers, an HRA doesn’t require your clients to meet a participation threshold.

Personalization and flexibility

Employees can spend allowances on the health policies, services, and products that work best for them.

Tax-free reimbursements

Reimbursements are tax-free for employers and employees.

“Our clients are impressed with the flexibility that PeopleKeep offers, particularly with how they can set their own allowance limits.”

Partnering with PeopleKeep vs. other HRA providers

  PeopleKeep Others
You remain the IFP agent of record X
You receive commissions when you sign your clients up for an HRA
Your client’s employees are sent back to you to find individual health insurance policies X
You can still sell individual ancillary products to client’s employees X

How am I compensated?

You earn commissions when you sign your clients up for an HRA with PeopleKeep. We base compensation on the number of seats on the software, not the total lives covered. You can earn a one-time payout or a recurring annuity depending on the number of clients you sign up. You can also earn bonus compensation for referring at least five clients in the same calendar year.

As a bonus, when you partner with us, we’ll waive your clients’ $150 sign-up fee.

FAQs for brokers

How do I know if my clients are a good fit for a QSEHRA or ICHRA?

If your clients can’t afford a traditional group plan, face steep annual rate increases, or don’t meet minimum participation requirements, an HRA is often a better solution. Any organization with fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) that doesn’t offer a group plan of any kind can offer a QSEHRA. Organizations of all sizes can offer an ICHRA. 

There are a few factors to consider when deciding between a QSEHRA or ICHRA:

  • APTC compatibility: If an employee’s QSEHRA allowance is unaffordable, they can collect their premium tax credits. However, they must reduce their credit dollar-for-dollar by the amount of their QSEHRA allowance. If an employee’s ICHRA allowance is unaffordable, they must choose between an ICHRA or their tax credits. They can’t collect both.
  • Allowance caps: The IRS caps QSEHRA allowances, but your clients can offer as much as they want with an ICHRA.
  • Ability to sell ancillary group products: Your clients can’t offer any group health plans alongside a QSEHRA, including dental and vision. However, you can offer group ancillaries alongside an ICHRA.

See our QSEHRA vs. ICHRA comparison chart

Do I still own the relationship with the client as the broker?

Yes, you remain the agent of record for your clients.

Does an HRA work with an HSA?

Yes, HRAs are HSA compatible with some special considerations. Our resources below explain the details for ICHRAs and QSEHRAs.



Broker resources

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