Employee benefits for startups

Offer a competitive benefits package to better recruit at your startup and excite job candidates.

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Attracting top talent takes more than a foosball table

When it comes to employee benefits, health insurance is on top. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) finds that it's the top most-requested employee benefit in the U.S.

At PeopleKeep, we're here to help you optimize your health benefit so you can offer the best employee benefits package possible. 

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Add a cherry on top to your health benefits package

If you're already offering a group health insurance plan at your startup, supplementing it with the group coverage HRA (GCHRA), or integrated HRA, is the cherry on top to make your plan more competitive with established companies.

Offer your employees a tax-free allowance to spend on the healthcare expenses that aren't fully paid for by the group plan.


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Not sure if the GCHRA is for you? We've still got you covered. Whether you want to supplement your group plan, reimburse employees' for their own insurance, or a little of both, there's a plan for you!


Qualified small employer HRA

A powerful alternative to group health insurance made just for small startups.


Individual coverage HRA

A health benefit that can function alone or as an option for employees who don't qualify for your group plan.


Group coverage


A supplemental health benefit to help cover the healthcare costs that aren’t fully paid for by the group plan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should startups offer a benefits package?

Hiring and keeping talented employees is vital to your success as a startup, and offering a robust benefits package is a proven way to do it. A Glassdoor survey finds that offering a great benefits package is a stronger tactic to getting more employees to come aboard and stay longer than offering higher salaries.

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What are the advantages of offering generous insurance benefits?

Fully investing in your employees' benefits isn't just an investment in your employees' health and wellness—it also has huge returns for your startup in productivity, morale, and even little-known tax advantages. 

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How do I keep my benefits budget in-check?

We get it—as a startup, you want to make the most of your benefits dollars. But offering employee benefits doesn't have to be expensive. 

With an HRA, not only do you get to set the monthly budget (with no surprise rate hikes at the end of the year) but all reimbursements are completely tax-free.

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How can PeopleKeep support my organization as it grows?

At PeopleKeep, we have personalized benefits options for organizations of all sizes. As you grow your startup, you can easily graduate from one plan to the next, and even customize your benefits to employees in different states. 

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