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Health Benefits

What is an employee census?

Discover the importance of an employee census in this guide. Learn how organizations use this data to gain insights into their workforce and benefits.


What is Form 8692?

Wondering if you need to file IRS Form 8692? This detailed article explains how Form 8692 works for those with premium tax credits for health...

Health Benefits

2024 federal poverty guidelines

Stay informed about the 2024 federal poverty guidelines with this comprehensive guide. Understand the income thresholds and eligibility requirements.

Health Benefits

What is the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

Wondering what the Affordable Care Act is all about? This concise guide explains the key provisions of the ACA and how it affects individuals and...


What is nondiscrimination testing?

Certain benefits offerings require non-discrimination testing (NDT). Learn what non-discrimination testing is and why it’s important for your...


Remote employee reimbursement rules by state

Should employers cover the costs of remote work? Or does that responsibility fall to individual employees? See which states require expense...


What is a 1099 employee?

This article will explain what a 1099 employee is, how they differ from W-2 employees, and what rules you need to know when hiring a contractor.

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