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How to use group health insurance with an HRA

Find out how employers can offer both group health insurance and an HRA together to give their employees even more ways to access affordable care.


What is an individual coverage HRA (ICHRA)?

An individual coverage HRA (ICHRA) integrates with individual health policies. Learn how an ICHRA works and how to set one up for your organization.


What is a lifestyle spending account?

This blog explains what an LSA is, its pros and cons, and offers an alternative benefit option you can use to invest in your employees’ overall...


What is a spot bonus?

In this article, we'll go over some examples of spot bonuses, their benefits, and how you can offer an employee bonus program of your own.

Health Benefits

Group coverage HRA vs. excepted benefit HRA

Get a side-by-side comparison of group coverage HRAs and excepted benefit HRAs so you can know which one is best to supplement your group health...

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