How HRAs affect premium tax credit eligibility

Learn how to coordinate tax credits with two of the most popular HRAs: the qualified small employer HRA (QSEHRA) and the individual coverage HRA...

HRA Compliance

How HRAs work for spouses and dependents

Learn about the eligibility and benefits of health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) for spouses and dependents in this comprehensive overview.

Health Benefits

What is a health benefits navigator?

Confused about your health benefits options? A benefits navigator can help you make informed decisions. Find out more about benefits navigators.

Health Insurance

Five advantages of individual health insurance

Individual health insurance has a range of advantages, from comprehensive coverage to the ability to tailor your plan to your needs. Find out more in...

Health Benefits

HRA vs. HSA vs. FSA comparison chart

Confused about the differences between an HRA, HSA, and FSA? This comparison chart breaks down the key features of each health benefit option.

Health Benefits

How does an HRA work?

Want to know how an HRA works? This concise guide breaks down how a health reimbursement arrangement with PeopleKeep works and its benefits.


What is a spot bonus?

Spot bonuses can be a great way to recognize and reward exceptional performance. Learn more about spot bonuses and how they can motivate and inspire...

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