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Hourly Inc

Hourly, Inc.

Tom Sagi, CEO of Hourly, Inc., was determined to find a way to lower his group health insurance costs while still supporting his employees' health and well-being. After learning about PeopleKeep and the GCHRA health benefit, he is now saving a significant amount of money that he is able to put towards hiring efforts and employee benefits and perks. 

Read more about Hourly, Inc. is saving upwards of $100,000 a year with a GCHRA 

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CompuWave Logo


Due to rising group health insurance costs, family-owned company CompuWave began searching for a more cost-effective benefit solution to grow their business and retain employees. Since switching to a QSEHRA, the money CompuWave has saved has been reallocated to other employee perks and salary increases.

Find out how CompuWave has been able to consistently save $20,000 a year with PeopleKeep and the QSEHRA 

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In 2018, Cody Candee, CEO of Bounce, began searching for a flexible and valuable health benefit solution for his employees. With a recommendation from a close friend, he chose PeopleKeep and is now offering a comprehensive benefit package to prospective employees while saving time on administration duties so he can focus on growing his business.

Learn how Bounce was able to receive a 100% participation rate with a QSEHRA health benefit

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Ullman Oil

Ullman Oil

Ullman Oil’s group health insurance was slowly becoming unaffordable over the years. But when their current insurance company refused to quote them for the following year, that was the final straw. Now with PeopleKeep, they have an affordable and sustainable health benefit with no costly surprises each month.

Read how an ICHRA saved Ullman Oil 40% on health care costs and increased their participation rate to 90%

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Statebridge logo


After switching insurance carriers every year to keep costs in check, Statebridge needed a health benefit they could stick with for the long-term. PeopleKeep’s ICHRA was a way to control their costs, comply with ACA regulations as an ALE, and allow employees to take charge of their own health care options.

Learn how Statebridge was able to save $10,000 in monthly health care costs by switching to an ICHRA

NOBL logo

NOBL Beverages

In January 2020, NOBL Beverages was finally able to achieve their goal of offering a useful and affordable health benefit to employees. The individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement (ICHRA) allows the company to offer a flexible health benefit employees love.

Read how they were able to save more than $7,500 per year on payroll taxes for their 16 employees.

coastal community church logo

Coastal Community Church of Virginia Beach

Pastor JD and Dawn, Assistant to the Executive Pastor, were faced with the same challenge as millions of other small
employers: the church had no health plan in place. They wanted to provide a health
benefit to their employees, but they needed one that was affordable and that met the
needs of all of their employees. They also needed a solution that was easy to work
with and that followed regulations.

Read how they were able to save more than $20,000 per year on payroll taxes for their nine employees.

Bobby Hyatt insurance agency

Many small insurance agencies struggle to offer group health insurance and instead give employees a taxable stipend. New agency owner Bobby Hyatt wanted something more formal. Now, with PeopleKeep, he’s met his goal of offering a tax-free health benefit that frees his employees from medical worries at work.

True North Veterinary Hospital

True North Veterinary Hospital

As the manager of a new small business, Sarah Burke wanted to provide a health benefit that could help attract more employees. Group insurance was too expensive for the business, and the cost for employees was too high. Taxable stipends weren’t a good fit either. Through PeopleKeep, the veterinary hospital can provide a benefit that’s both affordable to the business and helpful to the diverse needs of its employees.

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Ximplifi Logo


As a small remote company, Ximplifi struggled to find a flexible health benefit that would support the diverse needs of their multi-state employeesno matter where they lived. With the QSEHRA benefit, employee satisfaction is at an all-time high and their improved compensation package gives them a competitive edge in their industry's job market.

Learn how Ximplifi saved a total of $67,000 a year with a QSEHRA powered by PeopleKeep

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The Invisible Studios

The Invisible Studios

When Marjorie Gilberg and her co-owner began staffing The Invisible Studios, they knew offering a health benefit in their compensation package was key. After learning about the QSEHRA, she’s now able to support her employees with a customizable and tax-free health benefit and easily administer it through PeopleKeep, saving her time and money.

Learn how The Invisible Studios saved $7,200 per year with the implementation of a QSEHRA health benefit

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Family Promise-2

Family Promise

Family Promise has the common small business problem of a limited annual budget with few employees at most of their affiliate locations. But now, after entering a partnership with PeopleKeep, they are now on a QSEHRA health benefit with a 100% participation rate. Due to its success, multiple Family Promise affiliates continue to sign up.

Learn how Family Promise was able to grow their organization nationwide with PeopleKeep

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OCC Logo

O'Dorisio Carpentry & Concrete

O’Dorisio Carpentry & Concrete wanted to grow their business but the ACA’s employer mandate required them to offer a health benefit. Group health insurance was much too expensive and they needed an option that would attract talent. With PeopleKeep’s ICHRA, OCC is able to offer a flexible benefit that works for everyone helping the business’s owners to save time and money.

Learn how OCC was able to hire more staff and increase employee satisfaction by setting up an ICHRA

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Great Falls Rescue Mission

In 2016, Jeremy Trebas, the Controller at Great Falls Rescue Mission, grew concerned about recent changes in their health care plan.

When the group health insurance plan the organization provided its employees grew too expensive, they made the change to a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) with PeopleKeep.

Read how they were able to save more than $91,000 per year on payroll taxes for their 38 employees.

Summit Dental Group Logo

Summit Dental Group

Drs. Bryan Hilton and Corry Marcincin became owners of Summit Dental Group in July 2013. With no existing employee health benefit in place, they were faced with the challenge of finding a plan they could afford and that employees found attractive. Traditional health benefits left a lot to be desired. Other options like taxable stipends weren’t a good fit either. But with PeopleKeep, they are now able to offer a personalized employee benefit that ticks all their boxes.

Brunswick Veterinary Clinic Logo

Brunswick Veterinary Clinic

New veterinary clinic owner Dr. Erica Parthum knew she wanted to offer great benefits to her employees. Under the previous owner, employees were offered a group health insurance plan, but the plan didn’t make sense to Dr. Parthum. It was extremely expensive, and there was little to no value to employees. Now, with a qualified small employer HRA (QSEHRA), PeopleKeep helps the clinic offer a benefit where they set the budget and employees are empowered to get the health care they need.

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Sugar Plum Logo

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum couldn't find a group health insurance policy that fit the diverse needs of its employees. Now, with PeopleKeep, the company stands out among competitors with a health benefit that works for everyone.

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PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation

PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation.

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