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Form 720 and PCORI fee FAQs

As a business owner, you may have heard of PCORI and the fees that come with it. We'll answer common questions about Form 720 and PCORI fees.

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The top five types of employee benefits

Employee benefits are a key component of any successful business. Discover the top five types of employee benefits that can help attract and retain...

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Top 20 most expensive hospital procedures

Discover the costs of the top 20 most expensive medical procedures in the U.S. We'll also offer tips for how to protect yourself from costly medical...

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What is the employee life cycle?

Understanding the employee life cycle is crucial for HR teams. Dive into this guide to gain insights on each stage and optimize your management...

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What is Form 8941?

Form 8941 is used to calculate the credit for small employer health insurance premiums. Learn more about this form and how to properly fill it out.

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How to offer supplemental dental insurance

Supplemental dental insurance can provide additional coverage for costly dental procedures. Find out how you can offer this important benefit to your...


How HRAs affect premium tax credit eligibility

Learn how to coordinate tax credits with two of the most popular HRAs: the qualified small employer HRA (QSEHRA) and the individual coverage HRA...

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