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Five advantages of individual health insurance

Reimbursing employees for their individual health insurance has a lot of advantages compared to offer a group health plan. See the top five in our...

Small Business

Top payroll documents employers need

As an employer or human resources professional, you must know the proper documents, forms, and rules for payroll and taxes for your organization.

Employee Benefits

What is the employee life cycle?

In this blog, we go over the employee life cycle, including its stages, why it’s important, and tips and tricks to help you better optimize your...

Small Business

How workplace design affects productivity

Workplace design affects productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention. When making updates to your office layout, consider these tips and...


How to tell if your HDHP is HSA-qualified

In this article, we’ll go over HSAs, including eligibility, contribution limits, and how they work with HRAs to supplement your HDHP.

Small Business

The eight small business owner structures

This article gives an overview of the eight small business structures for owners and how those impact tax benefits on health insurance.

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