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Small Business

2022 QSEHRA Annual Report

Find data on average allowance amounts, top insurance carriers, most commonly reimbursed expenses and more in our fifth annual usage report on the...

Affordable Care Act

Changes to health plan affordability requirements

Learn what the affordability requirement is for 2021, how it’s changing in 2022, and what your options are if you’re found with an unaffordable plan.

Affordable Care Act

Final Rule on the 90 Day Waiting Period Provision

Federal agencies release final rule on the 90 day waiting period provisions. The final ACA regulations on the 90 day waiting period limitations...

Affordable Care Act

Study: 42% of Americans Unaware The ACA Is Law

A recent study on health care reform finds that 42% of Americans are unsure if ACA is even law. A review on this recent study on health care reform.

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