HRA Compliance

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HRA compliance FAQs

In this article, we’ll cover the most frequently asked questions businesses have about HRA compliance and how you can stay in compliance with the IRS.

HRA Compliance

What CPAs should know about HRAs

This article will cover everything CPAs or tax professionals need to know about the individual market and HRAs to offer informed guidance to their...

HRA Compliance

W2 reporting requirements for QSEHRA benefits

Learn the IRS reporting guidelines for the QSEHRA as well as other general taxation questions to make sure you and your organization are IRS...

HRA Compliance

ALE safe harbors & the individual coverage HRA

In this post, we’ll review how affordability is determined and discuss the different types of safe harbors available to applicable large employers...

HRA Compliance

How HRAs work for spouses and dependents

Employees aren't the only ones who can get tax-free reimbursements through an HRA—spouses and tax dependents can, too. See what rules apply.

HRA Software

QSEHRA self-administration for first-timers

Learn the steps it takes to self-administer a QSEHRA compliantly—and see how PeopleKeep can empower you to set up the benefit without the hassle.

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