What is healthcare reimbursement?

Looking to reimburse your employees for their healthcare expenses? Learn everything you need to know about healthcare reimbursement.

Employee Benefits

What are commuter benefits?

Commuter benefits are a type of employee perk that can save your employees money on their daily commute expenses. Discover how they work in this...


What is a spot bonus?

Spot bonuses can be a great way to recognize and reward exceptional performance. Learn more about spot bonuses and how they can motivate and inspire...

Health Benefits

How are health insurance premiums calculated?

Ever wonder how health insurance premiums are determined? This comprehensive blog breaks down the factors that influence the cost of your health...


Can I offer a health insurance stipend?

Interested in offering a health stipend in lieu of health insurance? Learn how stipends work, their tax implications, as well as other tax-free...

Employee Benefits

How to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Make your employees feel valued and appreciated on Employee Appreciation Day with these fun and rewarding celebration ideas.


Remote employee reimbursement rules by state

Should employers cover the costs of remote work? Or does that responsibility fall to individual employees? See which states require expense...

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