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We’ve created a new way called personalized benefits.

Give people tax-free money to buy what fits their personal needs.

Personalized Benefits eBook

Finally, a way to offer benefits that doesn't suck.

Save time, save money, and worry less.

PeopleKeep is changing the game with automation.

Join more than 3,000 companies. Start offering benefits today.

"It's hard enough to make ends meet on today's wages... Everything has gone up except the pay scale. It was such a relief knowing that there is a company out there to help out in that area."

Timothy Manning

Bindery Technician, Matthews Printing Co.

"Great customer service and easy to use software."

Justin Almas

Pastor, The Summit Church

"Efficient and worry free way to set up tax free insurance benefits. Very professional reps."

Timothy Michiels

Manager, The Black River Ranch

"Compliance is made easy and Peoplekeep is very easy to use."

David Rip

Head of Finance, Brydge Technologies

"My company isn't able to offer health insurance anymore... but they were able to offer PeopleKeep as a reimbursement plan. It has been easy to use and understand. It's a great alternative."

Todd McIlhany

Media Manager, Silver Birch Ranch

"This is the most complete and helpful healthcare reimbursement program I have ever seen."

Mark Fish

Bookkeeper, Rush County Mini Storage

"It has been very efficient and the customer service is fantastic!"

Tabbetha Jones

Caregiver, Sherwood & Myrtie Foster's Home for Children

"Easy to use and the team is very helpful."

Jennifer Harris

Assistant to Life Stage Pastors, Coastal Community Church

"Very decent and prompt customer service."

Lori Engler

ADRC Specialist, Independent Living Center

"Excellent service and follow through."

Darrow Parker

Pastor, New Life Church of Central Michigan

"It's Fabulous!! Thanks! :)"

Lydia Clayton

Office Manager, Clayton's Drain Tile Maintenance

"Accessibility to help from live people."

Sunshine Fisher

Bookkeeper, JH Hospitality

"Support has been very helpful, and my healthcare reimbursements have been provided flawlessly."

Joel Lanlois

QA Engineer, mSIGNIA

"The system works and is not very tough to set up. It does exactly what it said it would do."

Ray Cheesman

Investment Analyst, Anfield Capital Management

"User friendly and the company is very communicative. Such a pleasure."

Joseph Lavallee

Lead Designer, Plants Creative Landscapes

"I've already recommended it. It's a great way for employers to offer an added benefit to employees that is truly a win-win."

Candice Turcotte

Business Developer, Plan B Ventures

"Convenient and easy to use."

Quynh-Nhu Nguyen

Dental Hygienist, Poulos and Somers

"PeopleKeep is an excellent solution for small businesses looking for a different option to help recruit and retain talent."

Colin Peterson

Managing Director, IsoTalent

"Intuitive and straightforward tool."

Rishini Durand-Mootoosamy

Senior Consultant, D'Artagnan Consulting

"It's a great option for employers who can't afford to offer group insurance, but want to contribute to the wellbeing and health of employees."

Anna McAvoy-Emrick

Finance Manager, Biodynamic Association