Health benefits administration software for the modern workforce

Elevate your health benefits effortlessly with PeopleKeep. Our health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) software makes offering quality health benefits more manageable and accessible for all employers.


Manage employee benefits for any organization

Companies at every stage of their health benefits journey turn to PeopleKeep to modernize and simplify their employee benefits administration. Whether your team is in-office, remote, or hybrid, we can help your organization set up and manage quality health benefits in just minutes each month.

Your employees want benefits that are...

  • Inclusive

  • Individualized

  • Flexible

  • Straightforward

If you want to attract and retain talented employees, you need to offer a standout employee benefits package. With health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) you can reimburse your employees for the health insurance plans and medical expenses they choose while staying within your budget. Our benefits management software simplifies the most time-consuming tasks.

What are the advantages of administering your HRA with PeopleKeep?


With PeopleKeep, you have complete control. You define allowance amounts for your employees and choose which expenses you want to reimburse.


Administer benefits in only a few minutes. Once employees submit reimbursement requests, we review them to ensure IRS compliance.


PeopleKeep digitally stores all submitted documentation, such as employee receipts and invoices, so you can easily find it when needed.

Customer support

Our responsive, U.S.-based customer support team is ready to help your team when you need us. We’ve won five consecutive Stevie Awards for our customer service!

Best of all, there’s no need to pre-fund an account. You only reimburse employees once they’ve incurred expenses. Many benefits administration software providers require employers to pre-fund accounts before making any reimbursements. When you offer your benefits through PeopleKeep, the money stays with you until your employees have an approved expense.


What our customers say

“We were sold on PeopleKeep because of your affordable pricing, great customer service... It fits within our budget and the product is clean, robust, and easy to use.”

“We were excited to go with PeopleKeep because we could take care of our employees without the extreme cost of group health insurance.”

HRA software: Offer a compliant and personalized health plan in minutes

An HRA is a formal employer-funded health benefit that allows organizations to reimburse their employees, tax-free, for the individual health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses of their choosing. Unlike traditional group health insurance plans, HRAs enable your employees to choose their own health coverage that best fits their needs.

PeopleKeep makes launching and managing an HRA more accessible and intuitive for employers. We automate all the time-consuming tasks like preparing and updating legal documentation and reviewing employee reimbursement requests so you can focus on running your business, not your benefits.


PeopleKeep offers administration software and support for three types of HRAs:


Qualified small employer HRA

A powerful alternative to group health insurance made specifically for small employers.



Individual coverage HRA

A health benefit that enables employers to cover the individual insurance plans their employees choose.



Group coverage HRA (integrated HRA)

A health benefit that employers can use to help employees with their out-of-pocket expenses.



HRA administration software features

Compliance assurance

HRAs, like other formal health benefits, require employers to maintain compliant, up-to-date legal documentation or be subject to steep fines. PeopleKeep automates the creation of legal plan documents so that you can easily launch a compliant benefit.

Adaptive customization

Depending on the type of HRA you offer, you can set different allowance amounts based on specific employee classes, family statuses, or both. You choose how much to offer to your employees each month, giving you complete control over your benefits budget.

Partners and marketplace

Employees offered a QSEHRA or ICHRA can access Stride Health for help finding the perfect individual health insurance plan for their specific needs. Your team can also access discounts from various companies through our Partner Marketplace.


Frequently asked questions

What does PeopleKeep's benefits administration software do?

PeopleKeep’s HRA software solutions help small and midsize businesses administer their own individualized health benefits in minutes each month. With it, employers can offer inclusive and meaningful benefits that help them attract and retain top talent.

What payment methods does PeopleKeep accept?

We accept credit card and ACH payments.

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Does PeopleKeep have hidden fees?

We don't believe in hidden fees at PeopleKeep. The only charges that will show up on your invoices are the one-time setup fee when you first purchase a plan, the monthly base fee, and the monthly per-employee fee.

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