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Health Benefits

Pre-tax vs. after-tax medical premiums

Discover the difference between pre-tax and after-tax medical premiums and understand how they can impact your overall health insurance costs.


What is Form 8692?

Wondering if you need to file IRS Form 8692? This detailed article explains how Form 8692 works for those with premium tax credits for health...


Key HR compliance dates for 2024

Keep track of important HR compliance dates in 2024 with this easy-to-use calendar. Don't let compliance issues catch you off guard.


What is a Schedule K-1?

Learn all about Schedule K-1 and its role in partnership and S corporation taxation. This concise guide explains the purpose and importance of this...


What is Form 1095?

Form 1095 is a tax form used to report information about your health coverage. Find out what you need to know about Form 1095 and how to use it for...


How do taxes work for remote workers?

Understanding taxes for remote workers can be confusing. This comprehensive guide simplifies the process and answers all your questions.

Small Business

What is Form W-3?

Organizations are required to submit a W-3 form for their employees. But what is this form, and how does it differ from W-2 forms? Find out in our...

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