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Why Small Businesses Need Job Descriptions

Small Business • July 28, 2014 at 12:15 PM • Written by: Christina Merhar

Many small businesses don’t have current job descriptions, but they should. Here’s how well written job descriptions can help boost small business morale and recruit and retain top employees.Why small businesses need job descriptions

5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Job Descriptions

1. Manage Employees More Efficiently

Job descriptions give employees clear structure and expectations about their work and about their expected outcomes. Without written job descriptions, employees can be unclear with their work task and need more direction.

Clearly outline job descriptions to include what the job function is, and how it fits in with the greater company objectives.

2. Boost Employee Morale

When the business has clear written job descriptions, it shows employees that the business has well thought out goals, directives, and expectations. Job descriptions also show employees a clear path for growth. All of this contributes to increased employee morale and confidence.

3. Hire the Right Candidates

Current and clear written job descriptions help you recruit and hire the right candidates. The job description paints the picture for prospective employee about the role they'll be filling, and about the business they'll be working for. Having a succinct job description on hand not only helps you write a strong job posting, but gets the right candidates for the opening in the door.

4. Stay Accountable

When it comes to human resources and labor laws, job descriptions provide an accountability tool. For example, job descriptions can reduce legal liability and exposure should an employee claim he or she is incorrectly compensated or classified.

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5. Add Value to Your Business

If you ever want to sell, merge, or go public with your business, job descriptions provide detailed information about all the positions in the company and the duties to prospective buyers or investors.

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