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Top payroll documents employers need

To ensure smooth payroll processing and compliance, employers need to have the right documents. Discover the top payroll documents in this...


How to become an employer of choice

Want to attract top talent and become an employer of choice? Follow these proven strategies to create a workplace that everyone wants to be a part of.

Small Business

What is Form 5500?

As an HR professional or business owner, there are many regulations you must keep in mind when offering employee benefits. IRS Form 5500 is no...


Common HR mistakes and how to avoid them

Don't let HR mistakes derail your business. Learn the most common HR mistakes and how to avoid them with this comprehensive guide.


FAQ: ALEs and the ACA employer mandate

Confused about the ACA employer mandate for ALEs? This FAQ blog breaks down everything you need to know, so it's easy to navigate through the...

Employee Benefits

What is stop-loss insurance?

Curious about stop-loss insurance? Discover what it is and how it can benefit your business in our article.


Adjusted gross income vs. modified AGI

Confused about AGI and modified AGI? This concise guide breaks down the differences and helps you navigate your tax calculations with ease.

Employee Benefits

What is the employee life cycle?

Understanding the employee life cycle is crucial for HR teams. Dive into this guide to gain insights on each stage and optimize your management...

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