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What is healthcare reimbursement?

Looking to reimburse your employees for their healthcare expenses? Learn everything you need to know about healthcare reimbursement.

Employee Benefits

What is an eligible employee (EE)?

An eligible employee, also known as an EE, refers to an individual who meets the criteria to participate in certain employee benefit programs. Learn...


What is a key employee?

Key employees are crucial to a company, often holding high levels of responsibility and authority. But favoring them with benefits can have legal...

Employee Benefits

What is PTO?

PTO, or paid time off, is a benefit that many employees receive, allowing them to take time off from work while still being compensated.

Health Benefits

What does a benefits specialist do?

Learn everything you need to know about benefits specialist, including their job demand, responsibilities, and skills they need to have.


How to handle workplace conflict

Discover effective ways to manage workplace conflict with this guide. Learn how to address conflicts head-on and promote collaboration within your...

Small Business

When is hiring season?

Are you wondering when the hiring season begins? Find the best time to post your open positions and maximize your chances of hiring the right...


What is an employee onboarding program?

Want to make sure your new employees feel welcomed and prepared for their new roles? Learn about the importance of an effective employee onboarding...

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