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Top 5 Small Business Health Insurance Articles of 2014

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
December 3, 2014 at 3:00 PM

As the year comes to an end, here's a look at our top small business health insurance articles of 2014. These represent our most read, most commented on, and most shared articles on small business health insurance this year. Topics include health benefit trends, small business health insurance, strategies, and defined contribution allowances.top small business health insurance articles of 2014

(1) Quick Guide to Small Business Health Insurance in 2015

As the cost of group health insurance rises, small businesses, startups, and small non-profit organizations are having an increasingly hard time offering health insurance to their valued employees. As such, this guide gives you a look at health insurance options for small businesses in 2015. >> Read more.

(2) 5 Key Small Business Health Benefit Trends

With major provisions of health reform in full effect, experts agree the landscape of employer health insurance is rapidly changing. This article outlines five small business health benefit trends to know for 2015, and why these trends matter to small businesses. >> Read more.

(3) Infographic - The End of Small Business Health Insurance 


The cost of traditional small business health insurance is unsustainable. And with new advantages to individual health insurance, it is no surprise that small businesses are transitioning employees to individual health insurance. This infographic outlines where we've been with small business health insurance and why small businesses are abandoning group health insurance in favor of individual health insurance and defined contribution arrangements. >> Check out (and share) the infographic here.

(4) 3 Strategies for Employer Paid Health Insurance

Employers of all sizes evaluate different strategies to offer and pay for employees' health insurance. Employer paid health insurance is the most valued fringe benefit, and is an important tool for recruiting and retaining top employees. This is an overview of the three most popular strategies for employer paid health insurance in the "post-ObamaCare" landscape. >> Read more.

(5) Stop Giving Raises for Health Insurance and Start Offering Defined Contribution Allowances (Your Bottom Line Will Thank You)

Many small businesses who do not offer health benefits consider giving employees a raise or salary bonus to help them pay for their individual health insurance. Here are some reasons that you should stop giving raises for health insurance and start offering defined contribution allowances to your employees. >> Read more.

Looking for more information on small business health insurance? See this overview of small business health insurance information by state.

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