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April 25, 2009

Health insurance is an incredibly complicated and obtuse system.  Regulations vary from state to state,  each insurance company is different and now the federal government is throwing their hat in the ring.  This blog is an attempt to sort through the mess and provide simple, clean explanations of these issues. clarifying health

We have a ton of exciting topics that we want to write about, but first I want to take a minute to go over who we are and what approach we're going to take with this blog.

Clarifying Health is written by three members of a company called Zane Benefits.  We are working hard to change how healthcare works in this country.  One thing we see every day at work is that most people just don't understand the basics of healthcare which is what inspired us to start this blog.

We'll get started by posting general information that we think most people should know.  As we hit our stride, hopefully readers like you can tell us what you want to see.  So if you have a question, send it our way (tips@zanebenefits.com).

Here's a little info about us:

Paul Zane Pilzer (blog@ZaneBenefits.com)

Paul is the main writer at Clarifying Health.  His list of accomplishments is too long to go over here, but his most relevant credentials are that he is an eight time best-selling author and has published several books on health insurance and wellness (check out his bio).  Paul is very involved in forming the public policy related to health care so he'll be writing posts explaining not only how things work, but how they should work.

Rick Lindquist (rick.lindquist@ZaneBenefits.com)

Rick is very involved in the health insurance industry and he knows as much about the tax codes, compliance issues and state laws as anyone.  When our readers ask tough questions, Rick will be the go-to guy.

Tyler King (tyler.king@ZaneBenefits.com)

Hey, that's me!  I'm a product guy.  I design and build tools that help people deal with their health coverage.  I'll be writing more about the technological and operational issues that come up related to healthcare.

Other members of the Zane Benefits team will also contibute posts from time to time. 

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