CBO To Release New Budget Numbers for Affordable Care Act

July 10, 2012

The Congressional Budget Office will release its estimate of the federal budgetary impact of the Supreme Court health law ruling the week of July 23, according to a blog post by CBO Director Doug ElmendorfWhile the court upheld most of the health law, it did make a ruling on the Medicaid provisions that could result in fewer people participating in Medicaid (than originally projected) and more people being eligible for federally-funded subsidies (than originally projected):Affordable Car Act Budget CBO ACA

CBO is still assessing the effects of the Supreme Court’s decision related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the agency’s projections of federal spending and revenue under current law. We expect to complete that assessment and release updated projections of the budgetary effects of the ACA’s coverage provisions during the week of July 23rd. Because such updated projections are the base against which CBO will estimate the budgetary effects of changes in the ACA, CBO cannot provide estimates of the effects of such changes—including the effects of repealing the ACA—until that assessment is completed during the week of July 23rd.

Click here to go to the CBO blog.

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