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ZaneHealth Product Updates - August 2014

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
August 20, 2014 at 3:00 PM

The August ZaneHealth Newsletter highlights a feature of the month and an upcoming webinar on compliance.

Feature of the Month: Recurring Reimbursement Requestsrecurring_reimbursements

With ZaneHealth, there are three ways for employees to request reimbursement of their insurance premiums.

Level 1: Individual
Employees must submit their premium reimbursement request each time they pay, along with the supporting documentation. For most, that means submitting new documentation each month.

Level 2: Reusable Receipts
Employees submit their first premium request along with the supporting documentation. Each subsequent request can be submitted online using the originally approved documentation. While submission is manual, new documentation is not required.

Level 3: Recurring Requests (most convenient)
Employees submit their first premium request along with the supporting documentation. Each subsequent request will be automatically generated based on the frequency and period of coverage approved in the original request. This feature is by far the most convenient: Employees only need to submit and substantiate their policies in full once every 12 months and employers can expect consistently approved amounts.

Q: Can recurring claims be submitted retroactively?
A: Yes, but the documentation provided must establish the starting month of the request.

Q: What if my employee's premium changes?
A: In the case of premium change or policy cancellation employees are responsible for updating or canceling the existing recurring claim. Any overpaid amounts must be paid back to the employer by the employee.

Q: What happens when an employee’s recurring claim expires?
A: Employees will be notified by email when their recurring claim is about to expire. All recurring claims expire 12 months after the initial coverage start date. When your employees are submitting a new recurring claim, they may notice some changes to our documentation requirements.

Upcoming Webinar

Compliance 101 | Thursday, August 28

Attend this free webinar for a discussion on reimbursing individual health insurance in a compliant and tax-free way.  Click here to register.

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