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Infographic - How to Buy Individual Health Insurance in 4 Easy Steps

Written by: Christina Merhar
March 18, 2014 at 11:30 AM

With health reform and the opening of the Health Insurance Marketplaces, 2014 is the year of individual health insurance. More Americans than ever before are purchasing health insurance outside of work - just like car insurance. 

Health Insurance Infographic @ZaneBenefits

This new infographic outlines how to buy an individual policy in 4 simple steps - and how employers can help with defined contribution.

  • Did you know the number of people with individual health insurance is expected to increase from 14 million in 2011 to 31 million by 2020? Tweet this!

  • Buying health insurance has gotten easier. The application is shorter, and there are no questions about health. Tweet this!

  • Employers can help employees with the cost of their health insurance with a defined contribution health plan. Tweet this!

Infographic - How to Buy Individual Health Insurance

Source: Zane Benefits

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