How to Permanently Fix U.S. Health Care

August 5, 2009

In order to fix the U.S. health care system, we must first ask ourselves why it is broken? Certainly a nation that could put a man on the moon back in the 1960s can provide a decent, efficient health care system for all its citizens.health care reform

The single primary reason we have not been able to provide efficient, affordable health care for all is that, when it comes to health insurance, we have created an elite class of a certain type of animal (pigs) straight out of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

This elite class consists of our elected federal and state officials who have voted themselves and their associates unlimited lifetime health benefits paid for by taxpayers. In doing so, they have removed themselves from being participants in solving the health insurance crisis that affects the rest of us. Our politicians and officials who regulate health care do not directly feel the pain of America’s health insurance problems.

Make the following pledge now if you would like to ensure that all Americans can one day get affordable health insurance:

"I pledge not to vote for any politician unless he or she refuses to accept government-provided health insurance. Instead, all elected and appointed government employees should receive a fixed allowance and be forced to obtain health insurance on their own, just as if they were one of their constituents. "

In my state legislature in February 2009, a bill was introduced to do exactly this--give each politician the $12,000/year the state now spends on their lifetime coverage and let them buy their own health insurance. While this bill being debated, I heard from politician after politician whispering how they couldn't qualify for personal coverage because of their specific problem. I wanted to strangle each caller--one by one they completely failed to understand that only with them feeling the pain their negligence has inflicted on others can we begin to work together to fix the system.

Our highways, restaurants, airports, and virtually everything else in these great United States function so well because we all, poor and rich alike, drive on the same highways, eat at the same places, and fly on the same planes. When a highway is backed up, a restaurant serves poison food, or an airport closes down, our politicians are the first to use their connections to get it fixed.  Making our politicians and government officials mortal when it comes to health care is the only way to insure a long-term permanent fix to our current crisis.

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