NAHU: Agents Save You Money on Health Insurance

September 10, 2010

In a recent article on Kaiser News, Janet Trautwein, CEO of NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters), suggests insurance agents "discount your insurance".

While that statement might be a bit of a stretch, she does make some good points...

"Millions of individuals and small businesses depend on agents to help them find policies that suit their needs and budget. And with the new health reform law set to make the insurance market even more complicated, consumers will need the expert advice of agents and brokers more than ever... Many function as virtual human resources departments for small businesses...  As the Congressional Budget Office put it, agents and brokers often 'handle the responsibilities that larger firms generally delegate to their human resources departments -- such as finding plans and negotiating premiums, providing information about the selected plans, and processing enrollees.'"

Janet's main point is that "without the assistance of an insurance agent or broker, many small businesses would spend more on coverage for their employees than necessary."
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