Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange - Information for Agents

August 15, 2013

insurance resized 600The Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange, called "kynect", is currently recruiting and training insurance agents to help Kentucky residents enroll in coverage through its online health insurance marketplace starting October 1, 2013. These trained agents will be referred to as kynectors, and will assist individuals and small businesses in comparing different coverage options available through kynect, as well as help them enroll into an appropriate health insurance plan. In addition, kynectors will perform outreach and education programs to raise awareness and knowledge of the health care reform laws currently being implemented in the state.

Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange – Duties of Kynectors

Per the Office of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange (OKHBE), kynectors are required to fulfill the following duties:

  • Maintain expertise in eligibility, enrollment, and program specifications and conduct public education activities to raise awareness about the HBE
  • Provide information and services in a fair, accurate, and impartial manner acknowledging other health programs
  • Facilitate selection of a Qualified Health Plan (QHP)
  • Provide referrals to any applicable office of health insurance consumer assistance or health insurance ombudsman or any other state agency or agencies
  • Provide information in a manner culturally and linguistically appropriate to the needs of the population being served

Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange – How to Enroll as a Kynector

In order to participate, an insurance agent must currently be licensed in the state of Kentucky, be in good standing with the Kentucky Department of Insurance, complete the required training, and sign the agreement with the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange. To begin the process, insurance agents need to complete and submit an online application form found on the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange website. This will allow them to gain access to the kynect enrollment system. Once an agent submits the form, the OKHBE will add the agent’s name to a roster to be included in the Kentucky kynect training program, and they will be emailed information on how to access their online training materials. The training is conducted online, in a self-study manner. Currently the OKHBE is awaiting approval from the Department of Insurance on Continuing Education Credits that insurance agents can receive upon successful completion of required training and thereafter.

Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange – Requirements for Kynectors

The OKHBE also posted certain requirements that insurance agents must meet in order to participate in the exchange. These include:

  • Be licensed by the Kentucky Department of Insurance (DOI) with a health line of authority;
  • Complete the OKHBE approved agent training in accordance with 45 C.F.R. 155.220(d)(2)
  • Sign an individual agent participation agreement;
  • Comply with the privacy and security standards of 45 C.F.R. 155.260
  • Except for agents employed directly by a participating issuer, maintain an appointment with at least two (2) QHP issuers participating on the OKHBE; or
  • Maintain a designation with a business entity having an appointment with at least two (2) QHP issuers participating on the OKHBE; and
  • Complete registration and verification with the OKHBE through the Kentucky Online Gateway.

Source: Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange.

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