ACA Section 1311 (i) Navigators

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Originally published on February 26, 2013. Last updated August 29, 2016.

Section 1311 (i) NAVIGATORS. 

(1) IN GENERAL. An Exchange shall establish a program under which it awards grants to 
entities described in paragraph (2) to carry out the duties described in paragraph (3).


(A) IN GENERAL. To be eligible to receive a grant under paragraph (1), an entity shall
demonstrate to the Exchange involved that the entity has existing relationships, or could readily establish relationships, with employers and employees, consumers (including uninsured and underinsured consumers), or self-employed individuals likely to be qualified to enroll in a qualified health plan.

(B) TYPES.—As amended by section 10104(h). Entities described in subparagraph (A) may
include trade, industry, and professional associations, commercial fishing industry
organizations, ranching and farming organizations, community and consumer-focused nonprofit groups, chambers of commerce, unions, resource partners of the Small Business
Administration, other licensed insurance agents and brokers, and other entities that—

(i) are capable of carrying out the duties described in paragraph (3); 

(ii) meet the standards described in paragraph (4); and

(iii) provide information consistent with the standards developed under paragraph (5).

(3) DUTIES. An entity that serves as a navigator under a grant under this subsection shall— 

(A) conduct public education activities to raise awareness of the availability of qualified health plans;

(B) distribute fair and impartial information concerning enrollment in qualified health plans,
and the availability of premium tax credits under section 36B of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and cost-sharing reductions under section 1402;

(C) facilitate enrollment in qualified health plans;

(D) provide referrals to any applicable office of health insurance consumer assistance or health insurance ombudsman established under section 2793 of the Public Health Service Act, or any other appropriate State agency or agencies, for any enrollee with a grievance, complaint, or question regarding their health plan, coverage, or a determination under such plan or coverage; and

(E) provide information in a manner that is culturally and linguistically appropriate to the needs of the population being served by the Exchange or Exchanges.


(A) IN GENERAL. The Secretary shall establish standards for navigators under this subsection, including provisions to ensure that any private or public entity that is selected as a navigator is qualified, and licensed if appropriate, to engage in the navigator activities described in this subsection and to avoid conflicts of interest. Under such standards, a navigator shall not—

(i) be a health insurance issuer; or

(ii) receive any consideration directly or indirectly from any health insurance issuer in connection with the enrollment of any qualified individuals or employees of a qualified employer in a qualified health plan.

(5) FAIR AND IMPARTIAL INFORMATION AND SERVICES.—The Secretary, in collaboration with States, shall develop standards to ensure that information made available by navigators is fair, accurate, and impartial.

(6) FUNDING.—Grants under this subsection shall be made from the operational funds of the Exchange and not Federal funds received by the State to establish the Exchange.

Originally published on February 26, 2013. Last updated August 29, 2016.


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