Health Care Reform Timeline - 2010

January 22, 2013

Over the next two weeks, we will be reviewing the Health Care Reform Timeline (from 2010-2020) in detail. Today, we start with 2010. 

Health Care Reform Timeline - 2010

New Programs in 2010

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  • The temporary retiree reinsurance program took effect

  • The national Pre-existing Condition Insurance Pool (PCIP) was launched.

  • The Small Business Tax Credit took effect. 

  • The Medicare members who reached the "donut hole" received a $250 rebate.

Insurance Reforms in 2010

  • Lifetime dollar limits were disallowed on essential benefits.

  • Restricted yearly limits were allowed on the dollar value of certain benefits.

  • Coverage rescissions/cancellations were disallowed except for fraud or intentional misrepresentation.

  • Cost-sharing obligations were disallowed for preventive services in network.

  • Dependent coverage, if provided, was required up to age 26.

  • Enhanced internal and external appeal processes and requirements took effect.

  • Pre-existing condition exclusions were disallowed for enrollees (under 19 years of age).

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