Clarifying Health's Top 25 Employee Health Benefits Articles for 2012

January 3, 2013

As we welcome the new year, ClarifyingHealth.com takes a look at the top 25 employee health benefits articles of 2012. Discover what thousands of brokers, managers, and human resource professionals were reading last year, and make sure you didn't miss out on any of 2012's biggest employee health benefits news:top 25 employee health benefits articles 2012

  1. Health Savings Account - HSA 2013 Rules & Requirements

  2. HSAs vs HRAs (Savings Accounts vs Reimbursement Arrangements)

  3. HRA vs HSA vs FSA vs PRA Comparison Chart

  4. Why Businesses Should Never Pay Individual Health Insurance Premiums

  5. Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) - What is it?

  6. Penalties for Employers Not Offering Coverage Beginning in 2014

  7. State by State Guide to Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance in 2012

  8. Health Reimbursement Arrangement HRA Rules

  9. 2 Minute Guide to Small Business Owner Participation in HRAs

  10. HRA Administration - 15 Features To Expect From Your Provider

  11. How to Avoid the Individual Health Insurance Mandate "Tax" Penalty

  12. Health Reform (ACA) is Upheld by Supreme Court

  13. 5 Minute Guide to Health Insurance Exchanges

  14. Individual Health Insurance Premium Subsidies in State Exchanges

  15. Employer Reimbursement of Employee Health Insurance Premiums

  16. The ObamaCare Solution - A Business Expense Account for Healthcare

  17. PCIP Kills Broker Referral Program

  18. HRA Plan Document Requirements

  19. The 5 Minute Guide to Affordable Startup Health Insurance

  20. Using an HRA with HCSO, San Francisco’s Health Care Ordinance

  21. Why Do Employers Offer Health Insurance?

  22. Quick Guide to Calculating the Business Health Insurance Tax Penalty

  23. Section 105 Plans

  24. Defined Contribution: A Healthcare Win for Brokers, Employers & Employees

  25. Health Care Reform Implementation FAQs


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