Private Health Exchanges and HRA Bonus Program

November 26, 2012

How to Offer a Private Health Insurance Exchange in 3 Steps

The biggest buzzword of this decade in the employee health benefits market is "Private Health Insurance Exchange". Numerous entities ranging from start-ups to new divisions of leading insurance companies have been created to offer new Private Health Exchanges. A private health insurance exchange is a health insurance exchange run by a private company. Here's how to offer a private health exchange in 3 easy steps.

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Earn $15,000 in Compensation by Referring 20 HRAs

Have you registered for the HRA Bonus Program? Partners who refer 20 HRAs per year can earn up to $15,000 in December. Note: This example does not include compensation you may earn on associated individual or group health plan sales. Zane does not sell health insurance. 

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We’ve enjoyed your feedback over the years, and we invite you to share your experience with others. Apply to become to become a Zane Benefits Featured Partner and receive the following benefits:

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Get Trained on Zane HRA Products!

introduction to zanehra

Introduction to ZaneHRA for Insurance Agents and CPAs

With ZaneHRA, employers offer a defined contribution health plan in which they make available monthly contributions ("allowances") that employees choose how to spend. Watch Webinar On Demand
zanehra software demo

ZaneHRA Software Demo

The ZaneHRA software allows an employer to offer health benefits in less than 5 minutes per month. Watch Webinar On Demand
qualifying prospects for zanehra

Finding and Qualifying Prospects for ZaneHRA Training

Companies that typically setup ZaneHRA either do not offer group health insurance currently or are canceling an existing health benefits program. Learn how to find businesses that need ZaneHRA! Watch Webinar On Demand
Introduction to GroupHRA

Introduction to GroupHRA for Insurance Agents and CPAs

With GroupHRA, employers reduce the premium on their current group policy by increasing employee exposure (e.g. raising the deductible). GroupHRA works best for companies that offer group health insurance and want to save money without canceling (or reducing) employee coverage. Watch Webinar On Demand


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