5 Videos On Defined Contribution Healthcare

October 19, 2012

The Problem: Businesses needs competitive health benefits to recruit and retain top employees. After years of double-digit increases on group health insurance plans, businesses need a new solution for employee health benefits that 1) gives employees choice and 2) allows the business to control its health care expense. 

The Solution: Businesses can offer their employees a defined contribution healthcare plan. Instead of providing a one-size-fit-all group health insurance plan, defined contribution healthcare allows the business to provide its employees with a tax-free monthly “defined contribution” that employees choose how to spend.  Then, employees choose an individual health insurance plan (from any carrier) that best fits their family’s individual needs, and may get reimbursed via their paycheck tax-free. Best of all, the individual health insurance plans are portable (i.e. when an employee leaves the business, they take their health insurance with them). 

Here are 5 videos from 5 different sources on defined contribution health plans.

Paul Zane Pilzer on Defined Contribution Health Plans

On PBS, Paul Zane Pilzer explains how employers can now help employees get their own individual health insurance policies.

NFIB on Defined Contribution Health Plans

On NFIB's Healthcare Solutions, host Amanda Austin discusses NFIB's support for a new defined contribution in small business healthcare reform. A win-win for employers and employees, this option gives choice in insurance.

Fox Business On Defined Contribution - The ‘Next Big Thing’ in Health Benefits? 

Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute on the new model from Sears and Darden that allows employees to shop for their own health-care.







How to Save Money by Offering Your Employees Health Insurance

Defined Contribution Health Plan: The Revolution is Now

The positive side of healthcare reform. Employers can now join the revolution against high cost group health insurance with defined contribution employer health plans and provide better benefits for lower costs and create happier employees.

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