Amping Up Your Employees’ Productivity in 3 Quick Steps - Zane Benefits Blog Feature

May 4, 2015

We’re human beings, not robots. That’s why it’s not possible for us to do the same things over and over again at the exact same success rate. Why? We like change -- we need change.

If you’ve come across the hurdle of lower-than-usual productivity at your company, you’re not alone. In fact, and not surprisingly, only about 25 percent of business leaders have an employee engagement strategy to keep their employees chugging along productively.

Last week, I wrote an article which was featured on Synnovatia.com that helps small bussiness owners and managers know how to get their employees engaged and productive. Here are the highlights from the recent Zane Benefits feature on Synnovatia.com.

Amping Up Your Employees’ Productivity in 3 Quick Steps

  • A lack of understanding the company’s vision could be the main reason your employees are not engaged.

  • Communication plays a large role in productivity, but do you know how to find out whether or not your company has effective communication?

  • Allow and strongly encourage your employees to be creative -- to find solutions to everyday problems in a new way.

As mentioned in the article “Keeping in mind that your employees are human beings and not robots, the dream of the perfect employee who works non-stop will slowly fade away. Instead, replace that dream with a happy, creative, and driven employee who is ready for whatever comes their way.”

Want to read the full article on Synnovatia? Click here.

About Synnovatia.com

Synnovatia is a website that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners reach their full potential. Synnovatia’s forte is creating innovative strategies that help small businesses outperform each and every year.

The Synnovatia.com feature titled “Amping Up Your Employees’ Productivity in 3 Quick Steps” helps small business owners and managers to amp up their employees’ productivity through three thought-provoking steps.

What questions do you have about employee productivity? Let’s start a discussion below. 

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