Always Looking, Always Recruiting: Tips for Small Businesses

February 27, 2015

Too many small business owners see recruiting as a chore rather than a pleasure. Why? Well, it does takeAlways_Looking,_Always_Recruiting._Small_Biz_Tip. a good amount of time and effort. It involves looking for candidates, going through resumes, and making hard choices. Yet, so few of small business owners remember that recruiting for your small business is enjoyable when done right.

Recruiting is a way to expand your networks, develop your social skills, and of course, bring on talented, amazing new employees to help your small business succeed. So, what’s the best way to recruit? We’ve  assembled four tips to help you.

4 Ways to Recruit Like You Never Have Before

It’s extremely effective to find candidates by going straight to the sources of candidates (i.e. universities), but don’t forget that it’s also just as effective for candidates to find you. How can you do this? Here are four ways:

Spread the Word

If you, your employees, and even your customers are spreading the word about your business, chances are that some of the best candidates will come out of the woodwork. Don’t be afraid to tell friends, family, and customers you’re hiring. Then, candidates will start coming to you - saving you from searching for hours on end

If you’re truly passionate about your small business, it’ll be easy for you to talk to literally anyone about positions open at your company. In fact, it should be second nature to you. Don’t be afraid to talk to complete strangers, either. You never know what good can come from a conversation you have with someone on a plane, a bus, or even as you reach out to old high school friends.

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Write Clear Job Descriptions

If the job descriptions you post in universities, websites, and other job boards are clearly written and easy to read, people will take a look and seek you out.

Think of your job descriptions as a short article you see on the internet -- is it compelling? Is it to the point? Does it convey what your company stands for? If not, it’s likely viewers will pass it up.

In order to write clear and compelling job descriptions, here are key elements to keep in mind:

  1. Be specific

  2. Write with personality

  3. Be an open book

  4. Focus on key skills, not everything under the sun

  5. Go beyond the resume, ask for something more (i.e. favorite job experience)

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Make Applying Easy

We’ve all potentially applied for hundreds of jobs in our lifetime. And how many of those applications were the length of a novel? So, rather than making a lengthy application process, make it simple and quick.

Having a simple application process will attract candidates rather than push them away. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that you still need to include all the necessary information to gather during the application process. However, this can be made simple by cutting out duplicate information, and focusing only on what’s completely necessary.

How to Save Time

According to pvamu.edu, the average interview lasts 30 minutes. To save time, make your first round of interviews quick. Narrow it down to candidates you feel will be the most valuable. Interview only your top two candidates for 15-20 minutes, and other candidates for 10 minutes. Once you know the candidate you want as part of your company, make an offer.


Recruiting doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be something you look forward to. When done correctly, recruiting can not only be enjoyable, but it can bring the talent your small business needs to succeed.

Furthermore, when you recruit right, you won’t have to recruit near as much in the future. Why? You’ll have the right employees who will stick around longer.

What other tips do you have for other small business owners? Comment below.

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