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Increase Your Client Base - 5 Tips for Health Insurance Brokers

Written by: Christina Merhar
July 16, 2014 at 7:00 AM

As health insurance brokers and agents adjust to a "new normal", many are looking to diversify their product offerings and increase their client base. Here are our top five health insurance broker tips for increasing your client base.
Health insurance broker tips for increasing your client base

#1: Identify Your Niche Market/s

Don't try to be everything to everyone. Know your specific market (or markets) and approach that market with solutions that fit their unique challenges. Aim to identify one to three markets, and position yourself as an expert.

#2: Understand Your Ideal Customer 

Once you understand your market, aim to understand the buyer. This includes understanding your ideal customer's occupation, demographic, attitude toward health insurance, how they use technology, and their daily responsibilities and challenges.

The more clearly you understand your ideal customer, the easier it is to build your prospect list and effectively communicate your offerings. You can have several different ideal customer profiles for each of your market segments.

For example, see the ideal customer for defined contribution healthcare.

#3: Identify (and Communicate) Your Value Statement

What value do you bring to each of your ideal clients? This is your value statement, and it can include:

  • The type of work or services you provide

  • Your area/s of expertise

  • The type of companies you typically work with 

  • Advantages of working with you

  • Why is it valuable to work with you; what is the ROI?

Once you identify your value statement, communicate this verbally and in writing (through your website, a leave-behind printed brochure, etc.).

#4: Build Your Prospect List

Once you have nailed down your market, ideal customer, and your value statement, build a list of prospective clients. There are several ways to build a high-quality prospect list, including:

  • Direct mail 

  • Industry directories and publications

  • Networking and events

  • LinkedIn and social media

  • Existing client referrals

  • List purchasing

Focus first on the "low-hanging fruit" - those prospects with a personal connection (such as referrals and networking). Keep your list up to date, and don't forget to stay in contact with prospects who, at first, say no.

#5: Communicate Often, and In Different Ways

When reaching out to prospects, communicate often and in different ways. Be helpful and add value in every contact. Don’t talk product, talk benefits. Don’t pitch the solution too soon.

How many touches does it take? Research shows it takes many attempts to get through to prospects… 7, 8, 9, or more. It often takes more touches than you think. And, use of variety of methods such as calls, email, and in-person.

Read more: Tips for effectively prospecting small and medium businesses (SMBs).

If you're a health insurance broker, what are your tips for increasing your client base? Leave a comment.

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