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3 Key HR Management Strategies for Dental Practices in 2016

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
January 21, 2016 at 12:00 PM

When it comes to successful human resources management, the only real constant 3 key HR management strategies for dental practices in 2016people can rely on is change. Effective HR managers must possess an inherent flexibility and willingness to adapt to challenges as they arise.

Last week, we wrote an article featured on DentistryIQ outlining 3 HR management strategies for dental practices.

Here are highlights from the recent Zane Benefits blog feature.   

Article Highlights - 3 Key HR Management Strategies for Dental Practices in 2016

Enlist your employees

Encourage your staff to take an active interest in referring quality coworkers. Doing this can save you substantial recruiting time and legwork, and can also benefit all other members of the organization.

Plan for the future

Create an organization chart that identifies employee duties. This is a key element to sustainable long-term planning. Being able to access this structure at a glance, and adding benchmarks to help you recognize the need for modifications to this structure, enables you to analyze whether your practice is poised to handle its current and projected workload. It also allows you to proactively shift employees and duties to meet your future needs now rather than correcting problems later.

Think outside the benefits box

With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, thinking outside the benefits box has become an even more vital skill for successful health care HR managers. Identifying superior alternatives to many of the traditional employer insurance plans, as well as implementing new technology to help manage and oversee these alternatives, are two ways you can vastly improve the financial stability of your dental practice and the overall happiness of your employees.

About DentistryIQ

DentistryIQ provides dental professionals worldwide with a comprehensive collection of information on what is happening in the dental industry. The DentistryIQ feature titled "Wise-up Wednesday: 3 Key HR Management Strategies for Dental Practices in 2016" helps dental practices fill positions, plan for the future through organization, and be creative with benefits.

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