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Defined Contribution Health Plans

5 Reasons Employees Love Defined Contribution

Employee benefits of Defined Contribution. Why employees love Defined Contribution, and how it helps small businesses recruit and retain key staff.

Health Benefits

Benefit Increase Options

Benefit Increase Options are also known as automatic benefit increase option, automatic increase benefit, and cost of living adjustment benefit.

Defined Contribution Health Plans

Defined Contribution Plans (DCPs) - An Overview

What are DCPs, or Defined Contribution Plans? A DCP is a new employee health benefits program employees to reimburse individual health insurance

Health Benefits


Something that promotes or enhances well-being; an advantage.

Group Health Insurance

HRA Claim Documentation Requirements

An HRA plan must adhere to IRS rules for valid documentation. To receive reimbursement from Health Reimbursement Arrangements, you must submit...

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