Group Health Insurance (2)

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Group Health Insurance

Pros and cons of group health insurance

In this post, we’ll discuss group health insurance, cover its pros and cons, and go over health benefit alternatives that can work for your...

Health Savings Accounts

How employers can contribute to HSAs

This blog will define HSAs, discuss how employers can contribute to an HSA, and provide other health benefit options.

Group Health Insurance

What is a group in group health insurance?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the nuances of group health insurance, including common questions and participation requirements.

Group Health Insurance

Is an integrated HRA right for my organization?

In this blog, we’ll define integrated HRAs and discuss four considerations to think through when determining if this HRA is right for your business.

Group Health Insurance

What is a supplemental health benefit?

In this blog, we’ll define health insurance supplements, the common expenses they cover, and other options to supplement your group health plan.

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