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Public Opinion of ObamaCare [Infographic]

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
May 30, 2014 at 7:00 AM

At the end of the first ObamaCare open enrollment period, public opinion of the health care reform law remained relatively unchanged since 2010 and was deeply divided on partisan lines.Public Opinion of ObamaCare | Infographic

Here's a look at the public's onion on the Affordable Care Act through April 2014, according to Kaiser Family Foundation's monthly Tracking Polls.

  • Overall, 46% expressed an unfavorable view of the law with 38% favorable.

  • Of those with a favorable opinion, 68% were democratic and 11% republican. Of those with an unfavorable opinion, 17% were democratic and 76% republican.

  • 58% want government officials to fix the law versus repeal it, while 35% want it repealed and replaced.

  • Public awareness of the key provisions is inconsistent, and lacking in some areas. Fewer than 50% were aware of guaranteed issue and no-cost preventive care services. Yet, 78% were aware of the individual mandate.

  • Cost is the biggest barrier for remaining uninsured, with 36% saying they tried to get coverage but it was too expensive.

  • 44% say their impression of the law is based on news media.

Infographic - Public Opinion of ObamaCare

Disclaimer: The views represented in these infographics do not necessarily reflect the views of Zane Benefits, its staff, or its affiliate partners.

Public Opinion of ObamaCare | Infographic

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation and JAMA

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