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HR rules you need to know

There's a lot more to HR than just managing employees and making handbooks. Here are important HR rules you need to know to be successful.

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What is telemedicine and how can I pay for it?

Learn everything you need to know about telemedicine, including its covered services, pros and cons, and how you can pay for your virtual appointment.

Employee Benefits

Employee engagement ideas and activities

Improving employee engagement, job satisfaction, and culture is important for creating an environment where top candidates want to work.

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What is non-discrimination testing?

Certain benefits offerings require non-discrimination testing (NDT). Learn what non-discrimination testing is and why it’s important for your...

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What is stop-loss insurance?

This blog goes over the types of stop-loss insurance, their pros and cons, and what you should consider before getting stop-loss insurance at your...

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What is a supplemental health benefit?

In this blog, we’ll define health insurance supplements, the common expenses they cover, and other options to supplement your group health plan.

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