Top 7 HRA 105 Help Articles for Employees

February 4, 2013

At Help.ZaneBenefits.com, we host an HRA 105 Help & Support Knowledge Center that is
available to the public. Here are the top 7 HRA 105 help articles for employees. Please note that some of these help articles are specific to the ZaneHRA software platform.

1. How to submit an HRA claim

A "claim" is simply your request for reimbursement through your HRA.

To submit a claim for reimbursement, you will fill out and sign a claim form (electronically or written) and send documentation verifying the expense. There are four ways to submit a claim:

  1. Online

  2. Fax

  3. Email

  4. Mail


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2. What is the status of an HRA claim?

At any time, you can log in to your online HRA account to see the status of your claim.

Your homepage shows an Account Dashboard, where recent claims will show under Pending, Approved or Rejected. To view the details of the claim, click on the claim number.

 Status of Claims

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3. Documentation requirements for HRA 105 claims

With each claim, you are required to submit documentation verifying the expense.

In general, documentation needs to show five pieces of information:

  1. Recipient name 

  2. Date of service 

  3. Services provided

  4. Provider name

  5. Amount of the expense

Here is a helpful guide on documentation that you can print out and take with you to doctor's appointments:

User-added image

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4. How to update, add or delete HRA claim documentation

If you've already submitted a claim and need to update, delete or add new documentation, follow these simple steps...

Attach Documentation

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5. Why was an HRA claim rejected?

A few common reasons HRA claims are rejected include:

  • Information entered on the claim form does not match the documentation

  • Expense is not reimbursable through your HRA

  • Duplicate claim (the same expense was already approved for reimbursement)

  • Multiple dates of service were combined together (all claims must be submitted individually by date of service or purchase)

  • Multiple types of service were combined together (all claims must be submitted individually by type of service)

  • Multiple persons receiving service were combined together (all claims must be submitted individually by person receiving service)

  • Date of service or purchase did not occur during your enrollment in your HRA plan, or exceeded time limits for submitting claims

 Rejected Claims

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6. Tips for faxing claims and HRA documentation

Here are a few tips for faxing:

  • Confirm the fax number (enter a "9" and/or "1" if required by your fax machine)

  • Large document? Try breaking up the document into smaller faxes (your fax machine may have limited memory)

  • If sending documentation for a pending claim, include the claim number

  • Sending documentation for multiple claims?  Note each claim number, or use the customized cover sheet for each claim.  This way, our claims processors will know to attach documentation to more than one claim.

Fax Claim Form Sample

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7. How to correct a mistake on an HRA claim

If you've submitted a claim incorrectly, the easiest way to correct it is to cancel the claim through your online account and resubmit the claim.

Cancel Claim

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