5 Easy Tips for Hiring the Best Employees

October 2, 2014

hiring_the_best_employeesAttracting the most desirable job candidates is a key part of any successful business. Potential candidates have their own ideas of what is appealing to them in a prospective workplace, whether it’s professional growth, a competitive salary, or a great company culture. This article contains five easy tips for hiring the best employees.

1. Involve Other Team Members

Make hiring decisions a collective decision. It is important for company leaders to involve and engage their team members in the hiring process. This helps to foster new relationships as new employees are hired. This may involve including other team members in the interview process or implementing a referral program as an incentive for employees. Your employees are a great resource to help you assess whether potential candidates are a good fit in your company.

2. Create a Positive Company Culture

Creating a fun and engaging office environment will create a culture that top talent prospects want to work in. Having a well-defined vision, mission, and code of ethics will lead to hiring employees that are a great fit into the company culture. In addition to hiring the most desirable candidates, having a positive company culture helps to improve your brand and reputation.

3. Find Alternative Ways to Spread the Word

Finding creative ways to announce job opportunities may seem challenging, but it’s easier than you think. Many companies stick strictly to online job postings on their company’s website or job posting forums. Your company will stand out, in a good way, by attending live events to meet potential job candidates. Face-to-face connections can leave a lasting impression.

Think about what kind of local events your prospective candidates would be interested in attending to figure out where to recruit. Alternatively, your organization could host a special community event to draw in potential job candidates.

4. Understand the Value of Offering Great Company Perks

Offering company perks is a great way to become an employer of choice. Half-day Fridays, on-site fitness centers, and casual dress codes are just a few easy-to-implement forms of employee perks that employees actually want. In addition, offering food at the office is a company perk that many employees highly value. Not only does offering food show you care about your employees, but sitting down and eating a meal together is beneficial for fostering employee relationships.

5. Use Social Media

As more job seekers use social media and mobile devices to seek employment, companies should take advantage of social media as a low-cost way to recruit, source, and screen their candidates. Using social media to share links to the job postings on your company career site is a great (and free) way to get the word out.

In addition, many small businesses are using online video tools, such as Skype and Google Hangout to conduct video interviews. Small businesses are also using social media to screen their candidates. By viewing a candidate’s social media pages, you can learn about their work experience, interests, and connections. This is a great way to ensure a candidate is a good fit for company culture.

What methods work for your small business? Leave a comment below. 

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