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Health Benefits

Health insurance options for franchises

Are you a franchise owner? Explore your health insurance options with this comprehensive guide, tailored specifically for franchises.

Employee Benefits

What is a 9/80 work schedule?

This blog goes over the 9/80 work schedule, its pros and cons, and how you can determine if it’s a good option for your business and employees.

Health Benefits

Offering fertility benefits to your employees

Want to provide fertility benefits to your employees? Learn how offering these benefits can attract talent and support your staff's journey to...

Employee Benefits

Offering stipends vs. salary increases

Employees increasingly desire added benefits and perks over yearly wage increases. But, what's the difference between stipends and salary increases?


Is health insurance reimbursement taxable?

Health insurance reimbursement can be tax-free for your business and your employees. Explore the tax differences between HRAs and healthcare stipends.

Health Benefits

Small business health insurance options

Unsure which health insurance plan is right for your small business? Explore the top options available and choose the best fit for your employees'...

Employee Benefits

Benefits you should offer a nanny or caregiver

Offering a benefits package to your nanny or caregiver is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Discover the key benefits you should...

Small Business

How to set up a cell phone reimbursement policy

Learn how to establish a cell phone reimbursement policy that benefits both your employees and your company. Follow our simple steps and get started...

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