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6 Answers to Common HSA Questions

Do you have questions about how to use your health savings account (HSA)? We've provided answers to some of the most common questions.


Is an HRA a good fit for my organization?

In this article, we list out the characteristics of the perfect HRA candidate. Read below to see if one of the groups applies to you and your...

Health Benefits

The top five types of employee benefits

Employers want to offer great benefits to their employees, but which ones do employees love most? Here are the top 5 employee benefits.

Flexible Spending Accounts

2020 FSA Limits

In this article, we cover the 2020 limits for flexible spending accounts (FSAs).


HRAs and S corporation owners

While S-corporation owners can't participate in HRAs, they can still be a good option to offer employees instead of traditional group insurance.

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