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Health Benefits

What is a zero cost sharing plan?

In this blog, we go over what zero cost sharing plans are and what other health benefit options exist for those who don’t qualify.

Health Benefits

What is a qualified health plan (QHP)?

Learn the ins and outs of qualified health plans (QHPs), including how they’re categorized and how you can enroll in one.

Employee Benefits

What is a family stipend?

We’ll go over everything you need to know about family stipends, including how they work, what they cover, and how you can offer one at your...

Health Benefits

What does health insurance cover?

In this blog, we’ll go over what health insurance does and doesn’t cover, why a health plan might not pay, and how to supplement a group health plan.

Employee Benefits

What are retention bonuses?

This blog takes a deep dive into retention bonuses, including how they work, their advantages, and how customized benefits can help you retain...

Health Benefits

How age impacts your health insurance costs

Learn how your age affects the price you pay for your health insurance plan, why your state matters, and how to get help paying for your premiums.

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