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What is healthcare reimbursement?

Learn how healthcare reimbursement plans work and which reimbursement methods are available for organizations looking to offer an employee health...

Employee Benefits

What employers need to know about benefit cards

In this article, we'll cover everything employers need to know about benefit cards and alternative solutions for your benefits administration.


Are gift cards taxable employee benefits?

Gift cards are a simple way to give your employees a token of appreciation, whether as a present or an employee reward. But, is there tax on gift...

Small Business

Offering stipends vs. salary increases

Employees increasingly desire added benefits and perks over yearly wage increases. But, what's the difference between stipends and salary increases?

Employee Benefits

Benefits to offer to hire & retain Generation Z

By 2025, a quarter of the U.S. workforce will be made up of Gen Z employees. Is your organization prepared to hire and retain these young workers?

Health Benefits

Health vs. wellness stipends

Taxable health and wellness stipends are two of the most popular benefits available. Let's explore the differences between health and wellness...

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