Chase Charaba

Chase Charaba is the content marketing manager at PeopleKeep. He started with the company as a content marketing specialist in early 2022. Chase has written more than 350 blog posts for various companies and personal projects throughout his career. He’s worked for digital marketing agencies, in-house marketing teams, and as the editor for national award-winning high school and college newspapers. He’s also a YouTuber, landscape photographer, and small business owner.

Stories by Chase


Remote employee reimbursement rules by state

Should employers cover the costs of remote work? Or does that responsibility fall to individual employees? See which states require expense...


What is a compensation strategy?

Learn about the different types of compensation strategies, why they’re important, and how you can design one to fit your organization’s needs.


What is a 1099 employee?

This article will explain what a 1099 employee is, how they differ from W-2 employees, and what rules you need to know when hiring a contractor.

Health Benefits

The secret to negotiating lower medical bills

Get tips on how to lower your medical bills, get financial assistance, and negotiate a more affordable payment plan with your healthcare provider.

Health Benefits

What is a copayment?

Wondering about copayments? Get a clear understanding of what they are and how they factor into your healthcare expenses in this helpful guide.

Employee Benefits

Offering stipends vs. salary increases

Employees increasingly desire added benefits and perks over yearly wage increases. But, what's the difference between stipends and salary increases?

Small Business

Signs of low morale and how you can fight it

Learn how to identify the signs of low morale and how to correct your organization's trajectory so that you can foster a highly engaged team.

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