Chase Charaba

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Health Benefits

What is group health insurance?

Curious about group health insurance? This comprehensive guide explains the ins and outs of group coverage and how it works for your organization.


HR rules you need to know

There's a lot more to HR than just managing employees and making handbooks. Here are important HR rules you need to know to be successful.

Health Benefits

Guide to ACA employer penalties

Stay compliant with the ACA and avoid penalties with this informative guide. Learn how to navigate the intricacies of ESRP under the ACA.

Small Business

How to maintain a work-life balance

In recent years, the concept of a work-life balance has gained popularity. We'll explain why it’s essential and how you can maintain a healthy...

Small Business

What is Form W-3?

Organizations are required to submit a W-3 form for their employees. But what is this form, and how does it differ from W-2 forms? Find out in our...

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