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Health Benefits

Pros and cons of group health insurance

In this post, we’ll discuss group health insurance, cover its pros and cons, and go over health benefit alternatives that can work for your...

Employee Benefits

Why employees are passionate about their jobs

We'll take you through five reasons employees are passionate about their jobs and how you can help drive their passion with a positive workplace...

Health Benefits

Offering fertility benefits to your employees

Learn why employers should offer fertility benefits, examples of common fertility benefits, and how to cover the cost with an integrated HRA or...

Health Benefits

Exempt vs. non-exempt employees

Employee misclassification can lead to financial consequences. To help you avoid these missteps, we’ll go over exempt and non-exempt classifications.


How Medicare premiums are calculated

Understanding how your Medicare premiums are calculated can help you plan your healthcare finances. We'll go over what Medicare is and its current...

Health Benefits

How to become an insurance broker

Read our blog to learn about insurance brokers, their responsibilities and qualifications, their importance, and how they differ from an insurance...

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