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Small Business

Top payroll documents employers need

To ensure smooth payroll processing and compliance, employers need to have the right documents. Discover the top payroll documents in this...

Small Business

20 affordable benefits to offer

Looking for affordable ways to enhance your employee benefits package? Explore our list of 20 budget-friendly options to keep your team happy and...


What is a Schedule K-1?

Learn all about Schedule K-1 and its role in partnership and S corporation taxation. This concise guide explains the purpose and importance of this...


How to attract Gen Z employees

Are you struggling to attract Gen Z employees? This guide offers valuable insights and techniques to help you successfully appeal to the younger...


2024 QSEHRA contribution limits

According to the latest IRS release, small businesses offering a QSEHRA must follow specific allowance cap guidelines. See the 2024 maximums here.

Employee Benefits

Employee engagement ideas and activities

Boost employee engagement with these creative activities for work. Discover exciting team-building exercises to keep your team motivated and...

Employee Benefits

Which benefits attract and retain good employees?

Discover the key employee benefits that can attract and retain top talent and create a competitive benefits package that keeps employees engaged and...


What is Form 1095?

Form 1095 is a tax form used to report information about your health coverage. Find out what you need to know about Form 1095 and how to use it for...

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