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Top human resources software your organization needs

HRA Software • June 15, 2022 at 11:36 AM • Written by: Elizabeth Walker

Effective HR digital platforms provide a wide variety of benefits, such as helping organizations attract and retain employees, maintain compliance, manage benefits, streamline the hiring process, and much more. They’re also customizable enough to meet an organization’s needs, goals, and budget.

There are HR software solutions for organizations of any size within any industry. This article will discuss what good HR software does, why you need it, and some popular HR software options that can work for your business.

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What does HR software do?

HR software and technology helps an organization’s HR department automate manual and repetitive tasks, keep employee directories and records organized, and create data-driven reports all in a central database.

These work electronically, thus eliminating the need for paper documents that can be misplaced and prone to mistakes.

Intended for every business size, HR software, and other supporting technology, is designed to help managers and employees work more efficiently so they can better use their time and energy on more productive projects.

Other major features of HR digital platforms include:

  • Securely organizing and storing pertinent employee data.
  • Creating workflows and employee tracking processes.
  • Managing employee self-service time tracking.
  • Tracking employee training for development and compliance.
  • Reporting on employee satisfaction.
  • Overall applicant tracking throughout the hiring process.
  • Tracking of goals and employee performance management, such as performance reviews.
  • Monitoring data changes in case of an audit.

Almost every business uses some type of HR or employee benefits management software. From simple payroll administration to onboarding to benefits specialist support, HR software works to streamline the entire employee experience and improve the inner workings of modern-day companies.

Why you need HR software for your organization

Workplace environments are changing every day. To attract key talent in a tough labor market, businesses must invest in updated technology to enhance team engagement and improve the employee experience. A good HR digital platform can go a long way toward making that happen.

HR software is essential for your organization because:

  1. It empowers your employees to track and manage their tasks, giving them greater autonomy and reducing their reliance on your HR team.
  2. It simplifies administrative work by ending repetitive, manual tasks for you and your employees.
  3. It transforms how employees are managed in your organization by offering them a convenient and tailored working experience.
  4. It stores your vital data in a central database, such as onboarding information, company directory, attendance management, employee tracking, time-off requests, performance reviews, integrated payroll, and staff performance.
  5. It enhances how you communicate with your team and employees through an internal chat system to better share ideas, work on projects, and discuss strategies.

Organizations can better deliver a top-notch employee experience that will keep them productive and happy with the right HR software. An efficient system and platform should take care of your organization’s management details so that you can focus on your staff.

Tips for choosing an HR software solution

While HR software has a wide range of benefits, it’s challenging to know which ones will allow you to focus on more productive responsibilities and longer-term strategic outcomes.

When choosing the right HR software solutions for your company, consider three key items:

  • Determine your goals: Understand what you want from your software, identify your current system’s shortcomings, and solicit 360-degree feedback from employees and managers on which experiences need improvement.
  • Identify what tasks you want to support: With many HR digital platforms available, the system you pick must suit your company’s needs both now and in the future.
  • Consider your current HR tech stack: Take time to understand which software will seamlessly integrate with the current HR technology your organization currently uses.

Popular HR software companies

There is a wide range of HR software options out there these days.HR software categories include HR and employee benefits administration, talent management, online learning and acquisition, core HR, integrated HR, and more.

Each type of HR software has key features and benefits and performs different tasks within its central database. To give you an overview, the below list highlights top HR software companies, broken down by industry category, that can help you determine the right one for your organization.

Core HR/Workforce: Syndio

Syndio is a core HR technology company that helps companies measure, achieve, and sustain workplace equity. This software helps employers identify pay gaps and constantly measure employee opportunity and representation so you can build diverse teams throughout your organization.

Syndio’s software is for businesses of all sizes in all industries. Their EquityTech analytics software and PayEQ product analyze salaries, rooting out discriminatory pay differences that are tied to gender, race, ethnicity, or age while providing strategies for fixing those disparities.

With Syndio, for a $25,000-$50,000 year-long subscription, a company can run and rerun salary comparisons in different ways to come up with solutions for making wages fairer.

Employee experience: Paylocity

Paylocity prides themselves on partnering with their clients to build the workplace employers and employees crave. Since Paylocity’s founding in 1997, they’ve provided a comprehensive employee support system to complement their easy-to-use, innovative solutions.

Paylocity makes payroll faster by automating processes. For example, you can automatically pull approved expenses and add reimbursements to an employee's next paycheck, or automatically transfer 401(k) information, retirement plans, or benefits plan files to certain vendors through app integrations.

Employees can complete several tasks through their Paylocity self-service portals, including submitting expense reimbursements, requesting time off, enrolling in benefits, or viewing current insurance coverage.

Paylocity's pricing is determined on a quote-basis. The cost depends on the size of your organization, the frequency of payroll runs and the number of Paylocity services you'll use.

Talent acquisition: ADP

ADP is a global provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions bringing together major features of HR, payroll, talent, time tracking, tax, and benefits management. For 70+ years, ADP has been a proven leader that defines the future of business solutions with their outsourcing services, analytics, and compliance expertise.

ADP has product packages geared toward small and medium companies. The most popular ADP software for small companies is their Enhanced package, which offers ADP payroll, tax services, and HRM tools. ADP clients also get their own ADP agent providing an HR concierge service.

ADP Workforce Now packages are available for any mid-sized company. The Hiring Advantage package is ADP’s most popular HR and ADP payroll service for mid-sized companies, and it includes onboarding, talent management, performance management, and other HR tools.

Talent and online learning development: Schoox

Schoox is an agile online learning and talent development self-service portal. Their platform covers the entire range of activities that help small to enterprise-level business change their perception about learning and developing talent from a traditional compliance checklist into a holistic business growth process.

Schoox is the only talent development platform that has everything you need to help your employees learn, develop their skills, and drive business growth in one single application. Data from different modules in the platform flow automatically creating amazing and innovative synergies.

By providing valuable training content and enabling employees and managers to collaborate within the platform, your company can improve its knowledge-sharing capabilities and drive development opportunities. Finally, correlating performance data with your KPIs allows you to measure the impact of training in your business and better tailor your courses.

Talent management: Neobrain

Neobrain is a best-in-class talent marketplace used by global enterprises to anticipate and facilitate human capital challenges. Their personalized AI-based platform matches employees to the right opportunities in the hiring process, automatically maps your workforce’s architecture, and provides deep data insights for talent and workforce planning.

Neobrain allows HR and managers to have a comprehensive view of the human skills inside the organization so they can organize an internal marketplace that enables people’s mobility and boost retention. As a result, employees receive job offers and upskilling opportunities in-line with their profiles and career development objectives. Neobrain sells its solution exclusively to businesses. Different versions of Neobrain’s AI tool can be adapted to all companies of all sizes, HR consulting firms, schools, and universities.

Total rewards and employee wellbeing: PeopleKeep

Winner of the Best SMB-Focused Solution in the Total Rewards and Employee Wellbeing category of the 2022 HR Tech Awards, PeopleKeep helps organizations of all sizes offer hassle-free employee benefits and perks that their employees love and appreciate.

With PeopleKeep, employers can design a personalized and flexible benefit plan that increases employee satisfaction, reduces manual tasks, and promotes retention and recruitment.

PeopleKeep's health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) administration software makes health benefits management easier and more accessible for all employers. An HRA through PeopleKeep gives employers immediate access to legal documents, award-winning customer support, and efficient and meaningful health benefits.

Our WorkPerks stipend administration software helps employers provide custom fringe benefits to strengthen the employee experience in just minutes per month. With PeopleKeep, you can support your employees and boost your benefits at your organization with an HRA, employee stipend, or a combination of the two so you can get back to running your business.


As your workplace changes, HR departments must evolve to continue meeting the needs of their employees. With the right HR software solutions, companies can keep themselves profitable in a competitive job market while improving employee performance.

However, choosing the right HR software and subscription model for your organization is essential—one with a central database consistent with your goals and budget.

With PeopleKeep, our budget-friendly personalized benefit software is designed to help employers of all business sizes manage their HRAs and stipends effectively. Contact our sales team to find out how PeopleKeep can help your business with your employee benefits.

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