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Do You Know What Kind of Manager You Are?

Small Business • April 2, 2015 at 3:00 PM • Written by: PeopleKeep Team

Management style quiz

Ever wonder what kind of manager you are? Or have you ever wondered how your management style is affecting your company’s culture? To help answer these questions, we’ve designed a short quiz.

You can take the quiz, then read on and use your results to find out how to make the most of your management style and strengthen your company’s culture in the section below the quiz. 

How to Use Your Management Style to Strengthen Your Company’s Culture

Now that you know your management style, how can you make the most of it? Really, it’s not too difficult. Here are ideas you can incorporate to make your company’s culture awesome based on your quiz results.

Directive-Style Manager

In order to develop your company’s culture, you can use direct, yet friendly conversation to instill positive attitudes for an amazing company culture.

In other words, rather than beating around the bush, you have the ability to speak to your employees and say “Jeff, the only way we can be successful is if we each have a positive attitude. Can you commit to a positive attitude?” Remember, though this can be done in a direct manner, it must also be done with care.

Authoritative-Style Manager

Use your example to give clear direction as a way to make your company’s culture one where there is little guess work. If you and your employees give very clear directions to one another, there is less room for error and leads to higher productivity.

Affiliative-Style Manager

You love harmony, and that’s a great thing to have in a company. So, use your management style to create a company culture where others believe in harmony and respect as well. Talk with your employees and let them know of your standard for excellent harmony and respect.

Participative-Style Manager

Input is important to you, so use it to its fullest! You can create a company culture where everyone helps create your products, and services through their innovative ideas.

Pacesetting-Style Manager

If you want your company’s culture to be one where everyone is held to a high standard of excellence, it’ll take you instilling it in each employee. Of course, it starts with you. Be an example to your employees and congregate them often to let them know you care about them and have a standard you want them to do their very best to meet.

Coaching-Style Manager

Because you hold professional development so high, the best way to develop your company’s culture is by taking time to sit down with each employee and find out their hopes and dreams. Write out a short, but achievable plan with your employees and help them get where they want to be.


We hope our management style quiz has not only helped you identify the way in which you lead your small business, but also that our insight will help you use your management style to develop your company’s culture.

Company culture is one of the most prominent aspects of any business and should be taken seriously. As a small business owner, you have the opportunity to use your knowledge and skills to make your company’s culture the very best - leading to productive, and happy employees.

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