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7 steps to make the perfect training manual for your vision clinic

HR • March 19, 2015 at 3:00 PM • Written by: PeopleKeep Team

One of the best ways to think of an employee training manual for your vision clinic is to compare your vision clinic to a class in school. Your students (employees) come to class (work) every day. They do their homework (regular duties). But what if your students didn’t have a textbook to learn from? It’d be rather difficult to progress and learn.

The same can be said for your vision clinic. Your employee training manual is like a textbook for your employees, and they need one that is engaging, fun to read, and helpful in order to be an outstanding employee. Which begs the question - how do you make an effective employee training manual for your vision clinic? In this article, we’ll cover 7 steps to get you started.

Why your vision clinic needs a training manual

Training manuals aren’t always the most exciting thing to read, and it’s not uncommon for new employees to skim over them without understanding them. However, they are the first piece of information your employees will read to understand how your vision clinic works. So, if you want to save time, make it right the first time. In other words, don’t just make a training manual because you have to. Make training manuals fun, easy to read, and memorable.

For example, rather than simply writing a block of text about your dress code policy, include a fun picture of one of your employees in both correct and incorrect attire. Incorporating examples into your training manuals will make them easy to remember, and employees will have more of a desire to read them. The time you take now means less time you will spend with employees in the future.

Steps to make your training manual unique

Training manuals are important, but what should you include in yours to make sure it exceeds your and your employees’ expectations? Here are 7 steps.

1 - Crossword puzzles

Everyone loves a simple crossword puzzle. Including a crossword puzzle in your training manual will break up the mundane text and allow your employees to learn as they search for each word.  

2 - Health insurance terms and training

Health insurance terms can be confusing for your employees. Rather than having to explain what terms like deductible, co-pay, or out-of-pocket expense are, you can include them in an insurance section of the training manual. Plus, whether your vision clinic uses a small group health plan or you’re reimbursing your employees for individual health insurance premiums, you can include any additional training in your handbook to help your staff understand the health benefits you offer.

3 - Fun and memorable pictures or graphics

Training manuals with too much text are often glanced over, and nothing sticks with your employees. Instead, include pictures and graphics that are perfectly paired with the concept, idea, or rule you’re trying to convey.  

4 - Easy-to-read text

You don’t need to complicate simple concepts. Use fewer words when possible - unless, of course, the subject needs intricate details to convey the right message. Otherwise, try to explain what you want to say in a very basic way.

5 - Bullet points

Another way to make your training manuals easy to digest is to incorporate bullet points. It’s best to summarize each page or chapter in bullet points. This way, your employees can revisit what they learned in just a couple of sentences.  

6 - Tips and ideas

At the bottom of each page, write a sentence or two giving your employees tips and ideas. Doing this will set their minds in motion and get them thinking of ways to incorporate the principle, rule, or idea you’re explaining.  

7 - Notes section

At the end of each chapter, make a section where your employees can write notes. This way, your employees can write questions or summarize their takeaways for a better understanding.


Your vision clinic’s training manual will be the first impression of your business for each employee. Not only is it important to ensure they are accurate and easy to read, but your training manual should be engaging and referenced often. If your training manual is memorable, chances are, your employees will know the rules, regulations, and the way your vision clinic functions - saving you time and resulting in more efficient employees.

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