Discover How HRAs Can Boost Your Clients' Benefits Strategy

If you're working with clients who are grappling with budget limitations or seeking a more dynamic health benefits solution, look no further than health reimbursement arrangements. Our exclusive upcoming webinar, tailored for trusted advisors, dives deep into the transformative potential of HRAs

Join us at a live, one-hour event Wednesday, December 20th at 12pm MST (2pm EST) to learn how to harness the versatility of HRAs to provide tailored benefits, optimize budgets, and exceed employee expectations.

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Here's what we'll cover during the live webinar

HRA Overview

An overview of what health reimbursement arrangements are, how they work, and how employers can use them to build a health benefit

Creative Solutions

Scenarios on how HRAs can be used as a creative solution for your employees or your clients

Working with PeopleKeep

How partnering with PeopleKeep can help you overcome unique benefits challenges